Aunt Anna Receives Doves for Her Birthday – circa 1910

Elwood was a conscientious nephew who remembered the birthday of Aunt Anna.

For the occasion, Elwood selected an exceptionally well-made postcard, beautifully colored and gilded.

The postcard illustration depicts a young woman surrounded by doves.  I am not certain if she is feeding the creatures, or if the birds provide an aerial entourage for her dainty promenade.

The young women is clothed in a colorful dress, also gilded, that suggests an exotic provenance – perhaps the attire of a gypsy.

Surrounded by blossoms, the pretty girl with sparkling eyes also wears a hat adorned with flowers.

“Birthday Greetings” is inscribed in gold on the face.

The postcard was not mailed.  It was printed in Germany circa 1910.

It appears that Aunt Anna was pleased with the postcard, as it was preserved in very good condition for more than a hundred years.


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