Aunt Emalinda & Uncle William – Norristown, PA (circa 1910)

Sometime in a warm month when trees are leaved, a group of friends commemorated their meeting with a postcard photograph.

One is glad to find an inscription on the reverse, and there are numbers on the face that help us identify the individuals.

Aunt  Emalinda and Uncle William are the couple on the left.  

The other couple is Mr. And Mrs. Landis, presumably of Norristown, as the place is inscribed following their names.

Mrs. Landis is holding the child that we know is “cousin Dorothy Noll”.

If this is the daughter of Aunt Emalinda, perhaps the parents are “Emalinda and William Noll”.

The other child, in a sailor suit and seated in front of Aunt Emalinda, is “cousin William Noll”

The place name of Norristown is repeated, suggesting that the meeting occurred there.

Norristown is a borough in Montgomery County – about 32 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

In the early twentieth century, it was a prosperous center of industry and commerce.,_Pennsylvania

It is charming to see that all the women in the photograph have small smiles; the men look more serious, but not unkind.

One hopes that the gathering became a pleasant memory for all of them.


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