Aunt Hazel Will Be Looking for You – Rhodes, Michigan (1920)

Miss Lottie Thomas lived in Rhodes, an unincorporated community within the township of Bentley in the Great lakes Bay region of east-central Michigan.

The community was named for a lumber merchant who served as the first postmaster of Rhodes.,_Michigan

In July of 1920, Lottie was celebrating a birthday.

Lottie received a postcard greeting from her Aunt Hazel.

Aunt Hazel mailed the postcard from Bridgeport, a township near Saginaw, near the western edge of Lake Huron.,_Michigan

The face of the postcard is a charming drawing of a young lady wearing a broad-brimmed hat and carrying a basket.

Her intense gaze and sly smile suggest flirtation.

On the reverse, Aunt Hazel refers to herself in the third person when she writes:

“Aunt Hazel will be looking for youse and Babe most any of these days for dinner”.

The proposed dinner would require a trip of almost 50 miles, so it might require some planning.

The address suggests that Lottie is living with a relative, Ben Thomas.  This may be her father.

Aunt Hazel offers additional news, “Agnes is sick today” and “Grace has 5 teeth”.

One hopes that Lottie was delighted by the birthday greeting and that she was able to join Babe and all the others for dinner at Aunt Hazel’s.


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