Aunt Lizzie Answers Her Nephew – circa 1910

Ralph Johnson had written to his Aunt Lizzie, but had received no reply.

At length, Aunt Lizzie responded with a postcard greeting to Ralph.

The postcard bears a deeply-embossed bunch of cherries surrounded by a gilt frame and the inscription, “To Greet You”.

Unfortunately, there is no publisher’s mark; the postcard was (almost certainly) printed in Germany.

On the reverse, Aunt Lizzie writes, “Well Ralph, I thought I would answer your card.”

The postcard was not mailed, so we might assume that it was delivered by hand.

Perhaps Aunt Lizzie lived near her nephew.

It is uncommon to find postcards without any indication of publisher or printer, but this one lacks any identification of its provenance.

It is a well-made example of original postcard art.

One hopes that Ralph appreciated the gesture of his aunt, and that the two continued their correspondence for many years.


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