Aunt Sallie Sends Her Picture – York, PA (1906)

In September of 1906, Aunt Sallie and “Chick” (?) were in Philadelphia “having a good time”.

To celebrate the occasion, Aunt Sallie had a postcard photograph made and sent the postcard to her niece in York.

The niece, Miss Beulah Fishel, lived at 47 Columbia Avenue.

Below the small photograph on the face of the postcard, Aunt Sallie writes that Beulah might be surprised to receive the postcard, but Aunt Sallie wanted her to see their happy faces.

Mailed from Philadelphia on September 20, 1906, the postcard lacks an identification of the photographer or the studio that made and printed the photograph.

One hopes that Aunt Sallie and her friend enjoyed Philadelphia, and that Beulah remained a correspondent of her Aunt Sallie.


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