The Happy Baby – Columbia, PA (circa 1910)

I enjoy learning about the many photography studios that once operated in towns and cities across the country.

This photographic portrait was made by “Wm. Bailey, Photographer” at 36 North Third Street in Columbia, PA.

In this portrait, a smiling baby, warmly dressed, sits unaided on a chair.

Her face shows a happy interest in what is happening.

Alas, no one inscribed the name of the cute child, or identified a date for the photo session.

We can be sure that it was in the early years of the twentieth century.

The photograph was not stored well, there are wrinkles and folds across parts of the image.

I digitally repaired some of the worst, most-distracting, lines on the close-up of the face.

One hopes the small child grew up with love and security in her home along the Susquehanna River.


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