“Beauties of Spring on the Ancestral Acres” – Brookfield, Connecticut (1912)

I.G.F. lived in The Brick House of Brookfield, Connecticut.

Brookfield is a town in Fairfield County, in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains that rise in the western part of the State.

Only 55 miles from New York City, the historic center of Brookfield retains a sizable number of colonial buildings.

In May of 1912, this postcard was mailed from the Brick House to Miss Henrietta Noble of Jenkintown, PA.

Jenkintown is a borough (largely residential) in Montgomery County, about ten miles north of Philadelphia.

Published by P. M. Cassedy of New Milford, Connecticut, the postcard bears a lovely illustration of a rural road through the Berkshire Hills.

On the reverse, I.G.F. sends her thanks for a package received, and notes her adjustment to living alone – she is “almost reconciled” to doing her own cooking.

Before repeating an invitation to Henrietta and others to visit again, the writer extols the “beauties of Spring here on the ancestral acres”.

If the Brick House is indeed an historic home, it can be identified with some certainty,

There is only one brick home, built by the founder of a local brickyard, noted among the surviving landmarks of the old town – first settled in 1710, the town established in 1788 from surrounding communities.

On-line, one can find a discussion of historic structures in Brookfield and see a photo of the brick house.

One hopes that Miss Noble was able to return and savor Spring in the Berkshires and that the Brick House was filled with company for I.G.F.


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