Escape to Sun Valley, Idaho – circa 1940

While we are quarantined at home, the prospect of a railroad journey to a scenic retreat has great appeal.

This linen postcard was published by the Union Pacific Railroad sometime around 1940.

W. Averell Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad promoted the development of Sun Valley as a ski resort in the mid-1930’s. 

He believed that skiers would be attracted to these steep, windless slopes in the same way that Europeans flocked to Swiss resorts.

He was right, and the area was further developed with hiking trails, equestrian trails and stables, hunting posts, swimming pools, and fishing areas for year-round visitors.

While most skiers now fly to Sun Valley, that seems a bit disappointing.

I consider it much more luxurious to have been able to travel there in a first-class compartment on the Union Pacific Railroad.


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