Belle Has “Rough Sailing” – Havana, Cuba (1936)

Belle was at sea on April 16 when she composed a postcard to Helen (Mrs. Samuel Weiss) of Philadelphia.

The postcard, printed in the United States, bears a photograph of the Mariana Bathing Beach in Havana.

Published by C. Jordi of Havana, the postcard is in the “linen” style that dominated postcard printing in the late 30’s.

On the reverse, Belle thanks Helen for her letter, promises to write a reply in a few days, and reports on the trip.

“Rough sailing thus far”, writes Belle; “visibility not so good”.

Belle expresses a “hope fog soon lifts”.

Her spirits do not seem dampened, however, as Belle concludes with a “Cheerio”.

Because the postcard was mailed in Havana on the 18th, two days after its composition, I believe that Belle wrote during the tedious journey to the island.

There may be another travel itinerary that explains the dating.

In any event, one hopes that Helen was pleased to hear from her friend and that Belle enjoyed the beauty of Havana.

Through the 1930’s, American businesses and American tourists were fixtures in Cuba.


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