Bertha Hears from Her Cousin in Rome – Atglen, PA (1913)

Bertha Esbenshade lived in Atglen, PA, a borough in Chester County.

(This European settlement grew up along a trail made by the indigenous people of present-day Harrisburg who traveled to New Castle, Delaware to trade with the Swedish colony there.)

In May of 1913, Bertha received a postcard from Cousin Mary who was traveling in Italy.

Having seen “many wonderful things”, the traveling party was now in Rome.

Soon, the group was going out with a guide for a private tour.

The postcard is illustrated by a hand-colored photograph of the hotel where Cousin Mary was staying.

The Fischer Park Hotel was rated highly by the Thomas Cook Travel Guide (the world’s leading travel company of the early 20th century) in 1905.

The hotel was new at that time.

We know that the establishment was popular with tourists as memorabilia (postcards and letterhead) from the hotel (before World War I) can be found for sale on-line.

It appears to be a lovely place, in a marvelous city.

One hopes that Cousin Mary was able to tell more travel stories when she returned home and saw Bertha once more.


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