“Coming from the Fair” – Ireland (circa 1910)

This hand-colored postcard was published by a firm (Valentine’s) in Dublin, circa 1910.

The illustration is one of a series of scenes from Valentine’s, which boasted that their postcards were “famous throughout the world”.

A burro pulls a high cart containing a man and a woman along a quiet road.

The legend indicates that the couple is returning from the fair; one hopes that the empty cart reflects a successful day of selling their produce.

The postcard was printed in Scotland, but I believe that the scene is Irish.

In the early 20th century, Ireland was predominantly rural and far less developed than England.

(The long subjugation of Ireland is too long a subject for a postcard story.)

The market fair remained a fixture of the farm economy well into the twentieth century.

The postcard was not mailed, so we assume that it was collected as an illustration of places in the world.


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