“Birds and Flowers All Agree” – Bakerton, West Virginia (1926)

Mr. William Flanagan lived in Bakerton, an unincorporated community in the northeast corner of West Virginia – where an irregularly-shaped, narrow tendril extends toward Virginia and Maryland.

Bakerton lies west of the Potomac River, in Jefferson County.


In February of 1926, William received a Valentine postcard from E. F.

The postcard was mailed from Brunswick, a small city in north-central Maryland.

Brunswick was established as an important point on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal; it later became a maintenance center for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Brunswick is about 20 miles southeast of Bakerton, on the eastern bank of the Potomac River.


The face of the postcard is a delightful drawing of a girl and a boy sitting beneath a tree.

The boy holds a Valentine heart; overhead, a pair of love birds nestle on a branch.

Beneath the young lovers is a couplet:

“Birds and flowers all agree

that you are just the one for me”

The postcard was published by the Whitney Company of Worcester, Massachusetts; the reverse of the postcard has the company logo, “Whitney Made”.

There is no written message; we assume that William was well-acquainted with the sender.

One hopes that he and E. F. enjoyed a happy celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.


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