“May Thee Have a Pleasant Thanksgiving” – Washington, New Jersey (1914)

Mr. F. Pittenger (?) lived in Washington, a borough in Warren County of northwest New Jersey.

The borough prospered from the connection to canals, later railroads.

The area was once home to a large musical-instrument manufacturing industry.


In November of 1914, Mr. Pittenger received a Thanksgiving postcard from G.L.

The postcard was mailed from Newark, the largest city in New Jersey – whose waterfront on Newark Bay became an integral part of the Port of New York and New Jersey.


The face of the postcard reflects the dramatic change in postcard designs that occurred as World War I disrupted the trans-Atlantic postcard business.

The design (and the coloration) is far simpler, almost sparse.

Here, a drawing of a boy in pilgrim attire stands beside a fallen turkey.

The boy holds an antique gun.

(The flared barrel of the gun suggests that it is a blunderbuss.)

Above, an inscription is framed by a beam holding a lantern.

The inscription, “May Thee have a pleasant Thanksgiving” sounds like an imitation of the speech of previous centuries.

The postcard was copyright by Bergman.

On the reverse, the sender inscribes a brief note about the upcoming holiday:

“Received letter all right; going to N. B. for Thanksgiving.”

The abbreviation may stand for “New Brunswick” which was easily accessible by train from Newark.

One hopes that the message was not disappointing to Mr. Pittenger and that he and G. L. enjoyed a magnificent celebration of the holiday.


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