Birds in Flight -German American Novelty Company 1906

In an earlier post, I mentioned the German American Novelty Company which commissioned original art for the international market in postcards.

This postcard drawing of birds was printed in Germany around 1905 (the postcard does not have a “divided back” for address and message.)

There appears to be an artist’s signature or insignia in the lower right of the face, but the image was too indistinct to decipher.

In October of 1906, Charles mailed this postcard from New Providence, Pa. to his brother, F. G. Sides, of Strasburg.

New Providence and Strasburg are communities in Lancaster County.

(New Providence is a rural village in Providence township, northwest of Quarryville.)

Brother Charles writes that they are expecting a visit from his brother on Thursday evening.

Charles is not able to visit Strasburg because he is “too busy grinding cobs”.

Grinding cobs, I believe, is the process of preparing corn stalks and cobs for silage -storage in a silo for the winter.

One hopes that the brothers could meet on Thursday, or on the following Sunday, as they planned to do.


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