Nora is Coming Home – Reinholds Station (February, 1910)

George Garner lived in Reinholds, an unincorporated community at the northernmost point of Lancaster County.

Railroad lines once connected many rural towns in the area.

The post office at the rail station led to the name, “Reinholds Station”.

On February 17, 1910, George received a postcard from Anita in Reamstown.

Reamstown, another unincorporated community once served by a rail line, lies about 5 miles south of Reinholds.  

Reamstown has an interesting history – it served as a field hospital for Continental soldiers wounded in the Battle of Brandywine during the American Revolution.

The postcard from Anita is illustrated by a painting of two oxen working in the field.

I could not find an artist’s signature; the work is probably one of thousands created by anonymous postcard illustrators.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

Anita writes, “We expect Nora home over Sunday”.

She adds, “wish you and mother could come too”.

It may be that Anita is a sister to George.

One hopes that a reunion of family members was accomplished for Nora’s homecoming.


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