Blanche is Greeted in the New Year – New Danville, PA (1922)

Miss Blanche Wilson lived in New Danville, an unincorporated agricultural community in southern Lancaster County of southeast Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

After Christmas of 1922, Blanche received a New Year postcard from J. F.

The postcard was mailed from the city of Lancaster, about 4 miles north of New Danville.,_Pennsylvania

The face of the postcard is an evocative drawing of a winter scene at dusk.

A distant country house is observed through large, snow-laden trees.

Traces of a road and a rail fence are almost obscured by snow.

A framed medallion contains “A New Year’s Wish”.

The printed wish is for Luck which will endure throughout the year and which will “never leave you out in the cold.”

It seems that Blanche was pleased by the New Year greeting as she preserved it throughout her life.

One hopes that she and her correspondent enjoyed a happy and prosperous 1923.


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