Breakfast at 7:00 – Cleveland, Ohio (1907)

I found recently this “Sunbonnet” illustration from the series, “Hours of the Day”.

On the face of the postcard is an illustration of a boy washing his face and hands as he heads to the kitchen where the girl in a sunbonnet prepares food on the stove.

A white cat waits in the doorway.

(With it, I also found the 6:00 AM illustration of “Milking Time”.

The second postcard is still being restored, as it was severely damaged and torn.)

The postcard was mailed from Cleveland to the young Paul Hitchcock in Pittsburgh.

The sender was Paul’s aunt, who inquired if Paul had collected many “postals” for his new book.

Aunt had also sent a ring for the baby.

I am unable to read the name of the thoughtful aunt who mailed the postcard.

One hopes that young Paul happily collected many postcards in his album. Certainly, someone preserved this card for more than a century.


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