The Order of Catholic Foresters – Biddeford, Maine (1908)

Until I spent months working in New England, during seven of the last 25 years, I did not appreciate the influence of French-Canadian people in the region.

I became friends with several persons with French surnames while on a project in New Hampshire, and began to pay attention to the French place names that survive in the US states bordering Canada.

(Some examples are included in a link in the Comments.)

This postcard announcement, mailed from Biddeford, Maine in April of 1908, bids all members of the Catholic professional society to participate in the Easter Communion at St. Andrew’s Church.

(Members who do not participate must have a certificate signed by their priest!)

Mr. Saul Gagne received his invitation at his home in Biddeford.

He is greeted as, “Dear Sir and Brother”.

The postcard was printed by the Postal Service with a one cent stamp  that commemorated President McKinley who had been assassinated in Buffalo, NY in 1901.

The Association was composed of foresters or lumbermen.

The industries fueled by lumber dominated economic life in Maine through the early 20th century.

The life of a woodsman was not always easy or comfortable.

We hope that all these hardy souls were refreshed and blessed at Easter time.


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