Bruton Parish Church – Williamsburg, Virginia (circa 1938))

The Anglican Church was established by the crown in colonial Virginia, so it is not remarkable that the oldest church in continuous use in the colonies is an Episcopal Church.

The remarkable reconstruction of Williamsburg as a living museum in the 1920’s was initiated by the Rev. W.A.R. Goodwin who was the rector of the Bruton Parish Church.

It was the Rev. Goodwin who enlisted John D. Rockefeller as a “silent partner” in buying up unused and decrepit colonial buildings and restoring them.

This postcard photograph was published sometime in the late 1930’s by Rose Store in Williamsburg.

Helen, who was traveling with her sister, mailed the postcard from Williamsburg on April 18, 1940.

Addressed to Mrs. L.O. Case of Tarrytown, New York, the postcard probably reached Tarrytown on April 19.

On the reverse, Helen writes that they have had an enjoyable trip – although the weather was cool on Monday.

A colorful history of Colonial Williamsburg is readily available on-line, from Wiki or from historical websites.

Many Americans know this parish church through the annual broadcast of Christmas Eve services on television.


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