Cecile Receives a Still Life – Oneonta, New York (circa 1905)

Cecile Judge lived in Oneonta, a city in the Appalachian region of central New York State.

In 1905, this city was a thriving center of railroad industries.

Cecile was given a postcard by Mr. Buley (Birley?) who appears to have lived nearby; the postcard was not mailed.

Published by Theo Stoefer of Nuremberg, Germany, the postcard was most likely printed in Germany.

The face of the postcard bears an original still life illustration of white blossoms and a glazed earthenware urn.

(To me, the application of glittery accents is an unfortunate concession to popular vulgarity.)

There is an artist’s signature – appears to be “M. Billing”.

Cecile must have appreciated the postcard as it was saved in good condition for more than 115 years.


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