“When We Were Young” – circa 1910

This postcard drawing depicts an idyllic scene of a solitary figure fishing in a lush, rural landscape.

Although there is no indication of publisher and although the postcard was not mailed, I am confident that the greeting was printed in the United States circa 1910.

For many people who grew up in the 19th century, the great changes of the early 20th century elicited feelings of nostalgia.

(The much greater changes of the early 21st century would have been unimaginable to most people living in 1910.)

I am posting the charming scene on New Year’s Eve, although the postcard greeting was not linked to this celebration.

The legend, “When We Were Young”, brings to mind the relentless passing of time, the accelerated pace of change, and the recognition of how many years of life one has lived.

One hopes the simple drawing elicits pleasant memories of years past.


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