Christmas Apology from Aunt Kate – Hallowell, Maine (1909)

Mrs. Inez E. Bickford lived in East Dixmont, one of the communities comprising Dixmont, Maine

This area of steep hills in south-central Maine was once a bustling center of the lumber industry and of sheep farming.,_Maine

In December of 1909(?), Inez received a Christmas postcard from her Aunt Kate.

Aunt Kate lived in Hallowell, a city on the Kennebec River that was a center of ship-building and granite quarrying.,_Maine

The face of the postcard bears an elaborate, woven design that frames “Greetings of the Season”.

A verse expresses the Christmas Wish:

“To Wish you Health and Happiness,

To Wish you Wealth in Store,

Friends in Plenty,

What could be Wished You More?”

On the reverse, Aunt Kate apologizes for not writing more often, “I know I am horrid for not writing oftener”.

Aunt Kate adds her assurances that “I think of you often”, and “I don’t forget you if I don’t write.”

One hopes that Inez overlooked the sparse correspondence of her “Loving Aunt” and that both enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


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