Santa Rings the Christmas Bells -Moormans River, Virginia (1911)

Lee Bowen lived in Moormans River, Virginia.

This small community of Albemarle County was named for the nearby Moormans River; there is no longer a post office by this name.

We know that Lee was a boy; he is addressed as Master Lee Bowen.

We Have seen another Christmas postcard to Moormans River, Virginia; Master Erle Bowen received this postcard:

In December of 1911, Lee received a Christmas postcard from Mrs. Wingfield.

Mrs. Wingfield lived in Dillwyn, an incorporated town in central Virginia.,_Virginia

The face of the postcard bears a charming illustration of Santa as a bell-ringer.

The sturdy Saint seems quite able to toll the bells.

Beneath the hand-colored drawing is the legend, “Christmas Greetings”

On the reverse, Mrs. Wingfield writes, “Your friend, with love”, before inscribing her name.

It seems that the boy treasured the Christmas greeting; the postcard survived in good condition for more than a century.


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