Christmas Stockings for Kittens – Honey Brook, PA (circa 1916)

Master John Gable lived in Honey Brook, the charming community of northern Chester County in southeast Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

At Christmas in 1916 (?), the boy received a postcard from Beatrice and Elizabeth Lutz.

Beatrice and Elizabeth lived in Mohnton, a community in southern Berks County, about 20 miles from Honey Brook.

Until 1906, the community was known as “Mohn’s Store”.,_Pennsylvania

It is probable that Beatrice and Elizabeth, the Lutz girls, were sisters.

The face of the postcard is a warm drawing of two kittens snuggled in bed; they are under blankets, as the night appears cold.

Snow covers the windowsill and clings to the trees outside.

A candle burns on the bedside candle-stand, and slippers are paired on the rug.

(These kittens seem to walk upright, as there are only two slippers for each kitten.)

At the foot of the bed, long Christmas stockings await the visit of Santa Claus.

“A Merry Christmas” is printed above the scene.

The postcard was published by the Whitney Company of Worcester, Massachusetts; the reverse is stamped with the “Whitney Made” logo.

It was printed in the United States.

(A very thoughtless postmaster stamped an ugly postmark on the face; it was removed digitally.)

One hopes that young John, and Beatrice and Elizabeth, enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


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