Helen is Invited to Stay for a Week – Plattville, Wisconsin (1910)

Miss Helen Mueller lived in Plattville, a city in the Platte River Valley of the hilly, “driftless” region of southwest Wisconsin.


The “Driftless Area” is a region of the Midwest (characterized by deep valleys and craggy bluffs) that was never covered by glaciers.


In an earlier postcard story, we discussed the Driftless Area:

Helen lived in the household of Mrs. Emma Mueller, possibly her mother or an aunt.

In August of 1910, Helen received a postcard from her friend, Florence.

Florence seems to live nearby, as the postcard was mailed from Plattville.

The face of the postcard is a lovely illustration of summer flowers.

Printed in Germany, with an unusual assortment of European languages on the reverse, the postcard does not indicate a publisher.

There is no printed greeting – the postcard seems to function as an all-purpose note card.

On the reverse, Florence invites Helen to “come out a stay a week before school starts”.

Helen is addressed as “Helle”, suggesting that the friends used nicknames with one another.

One hopes that Helen was able to make the visit and that the friends enjoyed the last week before school.


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