Clarendon Gorge – Brandon, Vermont (1937)

At the end of August in 1937, the Pecks were in Brandon, Vermont.

They wrote to Joe McAllister in Glendale, Arizona to describe their trip.

“We have been to Maine”, they reported, “now we are in Vt.”.

The trip was continuing, “The next stop is N.Y.”.

The postcard to Arizona was illustrated by dramatic mountain scenery.

The Clarendon Gorge is a spectacular sight on the Long Trail, a loop of the Appalachian Trail.

A hiking guide to Vermont notes: “Located in southern Vermont, not far from Rutland, the Clarendon Gorge trail is a 14.6-mile loop and is considered to be on the difficult side.”

One hopes the Pecks enjoyed the rest of their journey in 1937.


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