Cora and Roy Visit Norfolk Harbor – 1907

Norfolk has been an important port city since the beginning of the 18th century; it hosts the largest naval base in the world and is home to the largest US shipping company.

(An earlier postcard story related to the old Anglican Church in Norfolk that was struck by a cannon ball during the American Revolution.)

Located in the vast natural harbor of the lower Chesapeake Bay, the city also boasts significant cultural attractions.

(I attended a conference in Norfolk many years ago and participated in a special night-time tour of the Chrysler Art Museum – well worth a visit.)

In June of 1907, Cora and Roy were in the city, as travelers or residents.

The couple sent “love and best wishes to you all” on a postcard greeting.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a portion of the harbor at Norfolk.

Published by A. C. Bosselman & Company of New York, the postcard was printed in Germany.

From Norfolk, the postcard traveled to Mrs. Edward Jeffers in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Grand Rapids is a village on the Maumee River in northwest Ohio.

(Today, it hosts a large annual Apple Butter Festival.)

One hopes that Cora and Roy enjoyed their time in Norfolk, and that Mrs. Jeffers was pleased to be remembered by them.


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