Gertrude Sends a View of Newark Bay – Jersey City N.J. (1908)

Gertrude Duff lived in Jersey City, a city on the Hudson River (west of New York City) in northeastern New Jersey.

Gertrude exchanged postcards with William Woener (Woerner?) who lived on Manor Street in Lancaster, PA.

(The correspondents may have belonged to a postcard club.)

In July of 1908, William received a postcard from Gertrude.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of Newark Bay at Bayonne, NJ.

The postcard was published by the F. G.  Tamme Company of Orange, New Jersey and Leipzig, Germany.

We may assume that the postcard was printed in Germany.

(The hand-coloring uses such a subtle and restricted palate that the image appears as a water-color painting.)

Below the image, Gertrude inscribed a brief message, thanking William for his postcard and inviting him to “call again” – which is to say, to exchange more postcards.

One hopes that the two remained friendly correspondents for many years.


A quick internet search reveals two men named “William Woerner” who were born in Philadelphia and who could be the correspondent in the postcard exchange.


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