Dara Writes to her Grandparents – Columbia, PA (1913)

Mr. And Mrs. H.R. Bookman lived on Walnut Street in Columbia, PA (a beautiful town on the Susquehanna River).

In February of 1913, the Bookmans received a postcard greeting from their granddaughter, Dara (possibly, Dava or Dana).

The face of the postcard has a medallion illustration of a figure burning leaves; the medallion is encircled by a large, red border.

A legend is inscribed, “From a Friend”.

On the reverse, Dara extends best wishes and informs her grandparents that “mother have (sic) your coat 3/4 length of serge.”

One wonders if mother was an accomplished seamstress who did sewing for her parents.

Dara does not indicate that the postcard was sent in honor of some event, so the communication about the coat may be the reason for the greeting.

Nevertheless, the Bookman’s (like many fond grandparents) saved the message from granddaughter Dara and it has been preserved for more than a hundred and eight years.


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