Dogs for Master Harold – Boonville, NY (1907)

Young Harold Kenyon was in Thousand Island Park; the postcard address uses numerals – “1000 Island Park”.

Thousand Island Park is a resort community established in the 1870’s along the St. Lawrence River in northwest New York State.,_New_York

There are very few year-round residents in the hamlet; it is likely that Harold was there on vacation.

In August of 1907, Harold received a postcard “Cousin Helen”.

The postcard was mailed from Boonville, a beautiful town on the Black River in the Adirondack Mountains of central New York State.

Early settlers built a canal from Boonville to Rome, about 25 miles south, to ship agricultural produce and manufactured goods on the Erie Canal.

Today, the town is known for Woodman Festivals and snowmobile events.,_New_York

The face of the postcard is a cute painting of dogs and puppies lounging in an overturned basket.

On the upper left-hand corner, Cousin Helen inscribed, “Watch out for the dogs”.

Based on the appearance of the friendly animals, the meaning might have been “Look at the dogs” or “Take care of the dogs”.

The illustration was made in Germany; on the reverse, we see the name, “Adelbert Bitriol” of Dresden.

According to this postcard directory, Adelbert Bitriol was both artist and publisher.

There is no indication on the postcard that this was a birthday or special event for Harold.

One hopes that the boy enjoyed the postcard, and that he and Cousin Helen remained correspondents for many years.


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