“One Can Have Such a Grand Time” – Atlanta, Georgia (1910)

Miss Nell Hunnicutt lived in Athens, the beautiful college town northeast of Atlanta.


In June of 1910, Nell received a postcard from her friend, Lalletto, who was visiting Atlanta.

The postcard bears a hand-colored photograph of Swan Island in the city’s Grant Park.

(Grant Park was donated to the city by businessman, Lemuel P. Grant, in 1883.  The Park was designed by the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted.)


Two of the namesake creatures are resting on the shore of their island; they appear to have a sturdy Swan Shelter behind them.

This postcard photograph of Swan island was published by Witt Brothers of Atlanta; the postcard was printed in Berlin, Germany.

Unfortunately, Grant Park suffered from the ravages of time and inattention in the later twentieth century. In 1996, extensive renovation of the park was undertaken, but I do not believe that Swan Island remains.

On the reverse of the postcard, Lalletto offers an enthusiastic report of her visit – although she does not mention specific things that she has seen or done.

She did catch a glimpse of Marion Hodgson “downtown”, but the two did not speak.

Nell will hear all about the trip when Lalletto returns.

One hopes that Lalletto enjoyed the remaining days of her trip, that she shared more stories with Nell, and that the friends remained correspondents for many years.


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