Edna Will Write Her Own Postcards – circa 1910

I believe that this postcard was exchanged between children.

The postcard was neither addressed not mailed, so we cannot learn very much about the children who are named in the written message.

An adult, writing for Edna, inscribed this colorful greeting to Alfred.

On the face, a child dressed like a longshoreman is smoking a pipe and carrying a grappling hook on his shoulder.

(Longshoremen were employed by shipping lines or by ports to load and unload ships.

In the early 20th century, the work was considered a dangerous occupation.)


The postcard was printed in Germany circa 1910.

The illustration, shown full-size below, has numerous marks as though the face was pock-marked by glitter.

I first considered that the markings might have been intentional in order to suggest rain or snow, but have since decided that this is not the case – and have digitally removed most of the distress marks.

On the reverse, we find a delightful message from Edna.

Edna begins by telling Alfred that , “here you are going hunting after a bear”.

Edna continues by relating the account of a local bear that visited the “woods back of the house” and which was shot by hunters.

On a happier note, Edna reports that “I am going to start school Monday, August 28”.

Edna anticipates that “then I will write my own cards”.

One hopes that Alfred was delighted by the postcard, that Edna succeeded at school, and that the children remained friends and correspondents as they grew up in the early 20th century.


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