A Pansy for Autumn – Switzerland (circa 1940)

This art postcard was printed in Switzerland.

It was published in the United States by the Alfred Mainzer company, an important importer of quality European prints.

This postcard represents the excellent Swiss printing that made the reputation of the publisher, Alfred Mainzer.

For most postcard collectors, however, the publisher is best-known for the “Mainzer Cats”.

Produced by the artist, Eugen Hortung, the “Mainzer cats” are comic postcards depicting cats engaging in human activities.


The cats became the most popular Mainzer imports, and almost eclipsed the high-brow art products.

Having had a small garden throughout my younger years, I am embarrassed to admit that I did not know (until late adulthood) that pansies were often planted late in the growing season because they are able to tolerate colder temperatures.

Thus, as the Autumnal Equinox draws near, here are some pansies for the Fall.


In French, the pansy is “pensee “, or thought.

So, one hopes that the postcard communicates beautiful thoughts to you.

(It is amazing what kinds of random facts one can learn from collecting memorabilia.)


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