Edward Brinton and the Turnpike Taxes – Lancaster, PA (1916)

When stuck in traffic on any of the “pikes” that radiate from Lancaster, PA, one might remember that each of these roadways was once a toll road.

The Lititz Pike, Fruitville Pike, Millersville Pike, Oregon Pike, New Holland Pike, Marietta Pike, Columbia Pike…all built by investor-owned corporations.

In 1916, Edward Brinton of Lancaster sent a postcard to Aaron Danner of Manheim reminding him that Danner should have received a notice of US taxes that were due on “your turnpike”.

I assume that this was the Manheim Pike – the Danner family has a long and notable history in Manheim, PA.

The Brintons were a prominent family in Lancaster and in Chester County, and Edward P. Brinton was a distinguished lawyer in the city of Lancaster.

He graduated from Franklin & Marshall College.

Recently, I noticed that “Edward Brinton” is named on the plaque (of city officials) attached to the east wall of the Central Market near Penn Square in Lancaster.

According to the “Biographical Annals of Lancaster County”, William Brinton, Edward’s father, was a Director of several turnpike companies.

Perhaps Edward inherited this portion of business.

In any event, a random postcard survival provides a glimpse of Lancaster County history.


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