Eula and the Boys – circa 1890

This photograph is not a postcard, and was made (most likely) before 1900.

Two young men, wearing white shirts with soft collars and sporting black hats, pose together.

The two have some features in common and may be brothers or cousins.

There is no studio mark, and no thoughtful soul has inscribed names of the boys, the location, or the date the photograph was made.

We do see the name of “Eula Hall”, which we presume to be the woman to whom the picture was given or to whom it belonged.

There is a well-known Eula Hall – an anti-poverty and public health advocate who created clinics in Appalachia.

The activist Eula Hall was born in 1927, and this photograph was made before the time of her birth.

A quick internet search shows other persons by the name of Eula Hall in Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas – but none of the biographical details match the provenance of this photograph.

So, the relationship between the smiling young men and Eula Hall remains a mystery.


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