“Everybody Having a Hot Old Time” – Albany, New York (1906)

Miss Stevie Moxley lived in Kingston, Canada.

Kingston, the first capital city of Canada, lies at the eastern end of Lake Erie- at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.

Today, it is known for the profusion of beautiful stone buildings constructed of native limestone.

In July of 1906, Miss Stevie received a postcard from Frank.

Frank was in Albany, New York – apparently with a group of fellow-travelers.

The postcard photograph shows the corner of State Street and North Pearl Street -near the center of the city.

New York State’s French Empire-style Capitol building can be seen in the distance.

Published by the firm of A. O. Bosselman, the postcard was printed in Germany.

Many years ago, I undertook numerous trips to Albany for business reasons.

This photograph illustrates the startling changes that have occurred to the city in the past century.

Frank writes that, “Everybody having a hot old time”.

I do not doubt that the party enjoyed many delightful days in Albany (there are many good restaurants and watering holes), but Frank’s message must also have reflected the temperature in July.

(Albany, dominated by the business of the State Capital, was not usually the destination of thrill-seeking adventurers.)

One hopes that Frank and his party continued to enjoy Albany and to return safely to their homes, and that Miss Moxley was pleased to be remembered with the postcard.


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