Father & Son – circa 1910

For Father’s Day, a postcard photograph taken circa 1910.

The photograph was probably made by a studio, but the postcard lacks any indication of a studio name, the date, or the identities of the sitters.

It may be that the photographic portrait was made in one of the thousands of informal studios that sprang up in newspaper offices, stores, or pharmacies. 

There was an explosive demand for postcard photographs circa 1910.

This postcard was not mailed, so we cannot know where the father and boy might have lived.

It is unusual to find the subjects of photographs who are smiling, but this father and son share slight smiles.

Each appears to be content and comfortable.

The father is wearing a double-breasted suit with wide lapels;  the boy is attired in the knickers and long stockings what were common dress for boys.

The boy’s shirt is a loose, tunic-like top.

One hopes that the father and son, and all the members of their family, found happiness in the twentieth century.


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