A Picture in the Park – Circa 1910

Sometime in a warm month near 1910, a group celebrated their gathering by making a postcard photograph.

Because most cameras did not have wide-angle capability, the photographer had to stand back in order to capture each person in the shot.

Thus, the face of the postcard shows a distant scene of men, women, and children standing in a shady spot at the edge of what appears to be a park.

The stone sculpture in the center may be a fountain.

The men are wearing long-sleeved white shirts, the women wear dresses.

The men also wear ties, and one holds a straw hat.

(One laments the comparatively shabby appearance of many casual gatherings today.)

A thoughtful member of the group identified all the figures in the photo:

“Paul and Carolyn standing together

Frank Jones, and Silas

Mrs. Jones and I and Flora Reed

Frank’s two girls in front”

Alas, there is no indication of where the pleasant park can be found, nor the date of the summer gathering.

We may hope that the gathering was remembered fondly for many years.


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