Fields of Tulips -Holland (circa 1930)

Holland has been associated with the production of tulips since Dutch traders brought bulbs to the Low Countries in the 16th century.

In the 20th century, widespread farming of tulips made the Netherlands the world’s leading producer and creator of tulips.

Today, flowers from Holland are flown to cities throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, but the sale of bulbs and seeds has equal economic importance.

This art postcard was printed in Amsterdam circa 1930.

The face is a lovely drawing of tulip fields; a canal, a windmill, and a Dutch town surround the fields.

Tourists flock to the Netherlands to see the fields of flowers and to witness the elaborate floral floats that are created by rival towns and organizations who compete in Tulip Festivals.

The peak of the tulip season is usually in April.

Because the postcard was neither addressed nor mailed, we cannot know very much about its history.

This postcard may have been collected by a visitor to the Netherlands; it was neither addressed nor mailed.

One hopes that the vibrant scene was a source of refreshment and inspiration.


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