Florence Lombard and Canadian Friends – circa 1910

This postcard photograph was not mailed, but a message is inscribed on the reverse.

The postcard may have been enclosed with a letter.

Florence Lombard writes to her Cousin, “I haven’t a very good postal of myself”.

Until she acquires a new postcard photograph, Florence is sending this one on which she is pictured.

Of this postcard photograph, Florence writes, “The girl is my chum in Canada and her beau”.

I assume that Florence may be the woman, who appears somewhat older, on the right.

The beau stands gallantly between the two women.

If my assumption is correct, the Canadian friend is the girl on the left.

Florence writes further that she hopes that her cousin and “all” are well; of Florence’s family, “Mama isn’t very well.

One hopes that Florence has a charming photograph made, that the cute couple in Canada have a happy future, and that Mama recovers her health.


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