Grace and Iva – Walhonding, Ohio (1908)

Walhonding is a crossroads near the geographic center of Ohio.

A small community had grown up there when the Walhonding Canal (a short feeder to the Ohio and Erie Canal)  reached that point in 1842.

In April of 1908, two young women of the area had a photographic portrait made.

Grace and Iva mailed the postcard to their friend, Miss Lucy Brumage, in Roseville, Ohio.

Roseville is a village along the Moxahala Creek in Central Ohio.

In 1908, Roseville was becoming famous for the pottery industry that supplied a vast demand for “Roseville Pottery”.

Roseville is about 50 miles south of Walhonding.

On the reverse, the writer expresses pleasure at hearing form Lucy, and “wishes you were here”.

The message concludes with the name, Grace Fry – so one of the women is identified more fully.

(Iva appears better- dressed and she wears her long hair “up”.)

One hopes that Grace, Iva, and Lucy remained friends and were able to visit one another through the early years of the twentieth century.


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