Florence Receives a Mississippi Steamer – Kinderhook, N.Y.  (1910)

Miss Florence Dahm lived in Kinderhook, a lovely town in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

As the name suggests, the town was first settled by the Dutch after Henry Hudson visited the place on his exploration of the Hudson River.

In July of 1010, Florence received a postcard from G.D. who mailed the greeting from Stottville – a hamlet 9 miles south of Kinderhook.

The face of the postcard is a dramatic illustration of a steamboat on the Mississippi River.

On the reverse, G.D. expresses a wish that Florence has “a good time on Sunday”, but urges her to “be home by seven o’clock so we’ll have time for a drive”.

It seems that Florence and her correspondent have been exchanging postcards as G.D. adds, “this is one les that I owe you”.

One hopes that Florence had a lovely time on Sunday and that she shared an evening drive with her postcard friend.


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