A Railroad Station from Her Teacher – Prospect Hill, PA (circa 1910)

Anna Mary Mann was a student at the Prospect Hill School.

Her teacher was George W. Gamble.

Sometime around 1910, Mr. Gamble presented a postcard gift to Anna Mary.

(It is possible that the postcard was a classroom prize.)

The face of the postcard bears a photograph of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This station is still in use, as any student from areas east or west of Harrisburg would know if they took the train to the annual Farm Show.

Made in Germany, the postcard lacks a clear indication of the publisher.

(The faded and darkened face may hide some insignia in the grass at the lower right-hand corner.)

I found an on-line reference to a Prospect Hill School in York County, and Google Naps shows “Prospect Hill School” on Rte 516 below Spring Grove, PA.


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