Flowers to Neffsville – 1907

In June of 1907, Miss Mabel Hackman was living in Neffsville, Pennsylvania.

At the time, Neffsville was a thriving village, much more than the place of endless traffic back-ups that it is today.

Boasting a busy hotel and tavern (now a flower shop) and a tall hotel, assembly hall, and community meeting place (now a convenience store parking lot), Nefffsville had its own Post Office in a frame building next to the handsome yellow mansion of Dr. Bowman, later Dr. Witmer, (now restored as a Bed and Breakfast).

Mabel received a postcard from a friend who resided in Lititz.

The friend did not give a name, but shared a postcard club member number.

In the early years of the 20th century, tens of thousands of citizens were enrolled in postcard clubs.

Mabel’s friend inquired if Sunday School was as good as the Church service.

In 1907, the new St. Peter’s Church on the Lititz Pike (now a heating supply company) was sharing a pastor with the Kissel Hill Lutheran Church of Lititz.

It is possible that Miss Hackman and her friend were members of a joint Lutheran congregation.

The postcard, printed in the United States, featured a colorful drawing of roses.


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