Myrtle Groff is Going to School – Florin, PA (1909)

In October of 1909, Miss Miriam Guhl was living in Florin, PA.

Florin is a small community, northwest of Lancaster, that once boasted a stop on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

More than a year ago, I shared a postcard illustration of Florin that was sent to Miss Miriam.

(During her life, Miriam Guhl collected a very large number of postcard greetings from her friends; Among the wares of antique dealers, I have seen numerous postcards addressed to her.)

Miriam received a postcard from her friend, Myrtle, who lived in Rheems – another Lancaster County community that once supported a railroad station.

(I have shared two previous postcards that were mailed from the railroad station in Rheems.)

Myrtle begins her message by reporting that “I am going to school”.

I am not sure why this is remarkable as Myrtle is clearly not a small child.

Most of the postcard message relates to a recent visit from Stella, and repeated urging for Miriam to come along on the next visit.

One hopes that the friends were able to meet in the Autumn of 1909.


Miriam S. Guhl was born in 1895 and died in 1958.

She is buried in the Crossroads Brethren in Christ Cemetery in Mount Joy.

If this is our Miriam Guhl, she would have been about 14 years old when she received the postcard.

I do not have a paid subscription to ancestry sites, but I found three persons named, Myrtle Groff, born in Pennsylvania between 1889 and 1901.


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