Forrest and the Baby – Cadet, Virginia (circa 1910)

Virgia was a new mother living in Cadet, a small community in southwest Virginia.

In August of 1910(?), Virgia sent a postcard to her aunt.

The aunt, Mrs. Emil Glass (possibly, Emit), lives in Blackwater, Virginia.

(The reverse of the postcard is in poor condition, making the postmark and the message more difficult to read.)

Blackwater is a city about 34 miles southwest of Cadet, near the border of Tennessee.,_Lee_County,_Virginia

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a young man holding a baby; the photograph appears to have been taken on the porch of a house.

The new father, seated in a wicker chair, wears a colored shirt with a contrasting white collar.

The baby is in a long christening gown and appears to be asleep.

A woman, mostly hidden, is looking from the doorway.

We do not know if this is Virgia.

On the reverse, Virgia reports that she was “so glad” to receive a postcard from her aunt “a few days ago”.

Virgia did not respond immediately as she wanted “to get (a picture) of Forrest and the baby…”.

“How do you think they look”, asks Virgia.

In closing, Virgia invites her aunt to visit “before October” and asks for hear from her soon.

One hopes that Mrs Glass was thrilled by the photograph, that she was able to make the trip to Cadet before October, and that the baby grew up in health and security with Virgia and Forrest.


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