A Lamb Cart for Easter – Highville, PA (1909)

Miss Daisy Pickel was living in Highville, a populated place on the River Road which borders the east bank of the Susquehanna River in southeast Pennsylvania.


We met Miss Pickel in an earlier postcard story, when she received a Thanksgiving greeting from her teacher while living in the community of Safe Harbor.

In April of 1909, Daisy received a charming Easter postcard from her friend, Miriam Hackman.

The postcard was mailed from Millersville, the college town west of Lancaster, PA.


The face of the postcard is a well-made, lightly-embossed drawing of a child and lambs.

The child wears an ornate and gilded shift or pinafore; the lambs are harnessed to a small cart bedecked with flowers.

The cart bears a huge pink egg for Easter.

The child and the lambs have paused at a water trough where the beasts can drink; several chicks also enjoy the water.

Beneath the scene is a gilt legend, “A Joyous Easter”.

The initials, M. M. H., presumably, Miriam M. Hackman, have been penciled at the lower right.

It is a beautiful example of postcard art, “Printed in Germany”.

Miss Pickel collected a very large number of postcards; one dealer in paper ephemera recently offered several dozen for sale- and it is likely that he did not handle the entire collection.

One hopes that Daisy and her friend, Miriam, enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Easter in 1909.


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