Georgia Receives a Rural Cottage – Saco, Maine (1912)

Miss Georgia Mann lived in Saco, a city in southeast Maine that was a center of lumbering in the 19th century, and of cotton mills in the early 20th century.

Saco, today, is a popular destination for recreation.

Although the prosperous era of the milling industry has ended in New England, the area enjoys a rich architectural legacy of homes and public buildings.,_Maine

In November of 1912, Georgia received a postcard from her friend, Katherine.

Katherine was working as a housekeeper in Waltham, Massachusetts, but her term there was soon to end.

Waltham, about 11 miles from the center of Boston, was an early center of New England industry and the home to a famous watch-manufacturer. 

Today, it is an educational center and the home to research institutes.

(Waltham is a bit more than a hundred miles southwest of Saco.),_Massachusetts

The face of the postcard is a drawing of a cozy interior, including a hutch displaying plates, pots, and a platter.

Standing guard is a solitary candle-stand.

A door or large window provides a view of a neighboring “Cape Cod” cottage.

Beneath the doorway (or window), a banner surrounded by colored leaves and berries proclaims  -“Thanksgiving Greeting”.

The original drawing was copyrighted in 1912 by John Winsch – a prolific designer of postcard art.

On the reverse, Katherine reports that she is not sorry that the housekeeping job has ended.

She admonishes Georgia, “don’t eat too much turkey”.

In closing, Katherine laments, “I wish we lived nearer; we would have some fun times”.

One hopes that the young women remained friends and correspondents, that they enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that they had an opportunity to meet once more in the near future.


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