“Get a Horse and Come Horseback” – Eureka, South Dakota (circa 1910)

Sometime in December of a year near 1910, Miss Bertha Myren received a postcard from her sister, Clara.

Clara lived nearby, within the distance that a horse could ride in an evening, as Clara invites Bertha to attend a “Social” on the 20th and encourages her “get a horse and come horseback”.

Bertha lived in Eureka, a small city in north central South Dakota -very close to the border of North Dakota.

The postcard is a generic greeting, bearing a medallion inscription of “Greetings” within an elaborate frame of purple flowers.

Because the postcard was not mailed, we know the date is December only because of the Santa decal attached to the reverse.

There were many members of the Myren family: Bertha and Clara had at least four more sisters and at least two brothers.

Their parents were Tollef Knute Myren and Guri Pedersdatter Myren.

Bertha was born in Mound City, about 25 miles west of Eureka, in 1891.

She would have been about 19 years old when she received the invitation to the social.

Alas, Bertha died in 1916, in Mound City, at the age of 24.

I have other postcards exchanged among the members of the Myren family – it seems that a family archive was delivered to the antique dealers at the end of the 20th century.


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