Grand Lake and “Mount Baldy” – Colorado (1938)

Geneva, Mrs. F.C.Brown, lived in Hays, Kansas.

Hays is the largest city in northwest Kansas; it grew up around the railroad.

It was a rough and tumble town in its early years, and the site of racial violence against Black Americans.

Geneva received a postcard from her friend Ruby, who mailed the greeting from Boulder, Colorado.

The postcard bore an illustration of Grand Lake and Mount Baldy (Mount Craig) – natural wonders near Colorado Springs.

It is a scene at dawn or sunset; the light is subdued over the hushed landscape.

On the reverse, Ruby thanks Geneva for a gift she received “this afternoon”.

The present was a surprise, as Ruby was unaware that Geneva knew her birthday.

Ruby and Geneva might be college students or school teachers (there are universities and public schools in Boulder and in Hays) as Ruby notes the approaching end of term.

Ruby was looking forward to a planned trip that Geneva would make to Colorado, “I hope you’re still planning to come”.

One hopes that the friends could explore together the beautiful Rocky Mointain sights of Colorado.

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